Unbearably HoT was created to fill what I perceived as a gap between casual and endgame experiences in blogging, specifically for Druids. Initially, my goal was to explore the supposedly "hardcore" raiding culture with an irreverent mix of heavily interpreted game-mechanics and sexual innuendo: a veritable marriage of information and entertainment. Since Unbearably HoT's conception in February 2008, the WoW blogosphere has become an incredibly diverse place filled with players at multiple ability and progression levels who are more than willing to share their perspectives.

This blog is a journey, a chronicle of progression, wit, and observation. As the internal structure of my life continues to change, I've had to make tough decisions about my previously kept raiding habits and my playtime in general. After a long break from the game, the result is that I currently do not commit to five-day raiding anymore. But despite the hiatus and change to my schedule, I haven't altered my goals: I demand perfection both in game and out, and Unbearably HoT seeks to cater to those who share similar desires.

I can never promise that the language contained herein will be work-safe, nor will my commentary necessarily default to polite. I have always been critical of the performance of both myself and my peers, and I must take pains to remind you, dear reader, that constructive criticism does not imply dislike. If you're not interested in druids, long paragraphs, terrible jokes, and heavily biased opinions, Unbearably HoT probably isn't for you.

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