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(Armor) Penetration: How hard will it be in 3.2.2?

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For the past two weeks I’ve essentially been MIA as I finished up a series of massive projects at work and took a high-fiving trip to Chicago. During that time, of course, we’ve learned that in 3.2.2., the value of Armor Penetration will decrease to 110%, down from 125%. Has the so-called stat-of-the-gods fallen from its golden pedestal? Hardly. What we’re seeing is approximately a 12% nerf, if the old ArP hard cap was 1,230 and the new hard cap will be 1,399.57. Druids everywhere have bemoaned their long ride…read more


Everybody hop on the loot train!

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As promised, I’ve gone through the 3.2 DPS Gear Spreadsheet and updated it with all the new Coliseum items, including the crafted Leatherworking pieces. You’ll also find that some of the numbers look a little different than before—that’s because some of the stat values changed. Remember: Please to brain. Although gear is first sorted by the number of sockets, the number of sockets do not necessarily guarantee the best piece of gear. Armor Penetration is currently the best stat to stack at higher gear levels, so long as you have…read more


Beauty & the Beast: Faction Transfers Now Live.

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Although it seems to have slipped beneath WoW.com and MMO-Champion’s noses (at the time of the post, anyway), Faction Transfers are now live. If you’re interested in undertaking this change, make sure you read up on the FAQ and log out of the character you wish to transfer; you need to be offline for 20 minutes. In addition, please note that although it’s not clear on the FAQ (because there are apparently two FAQs about this that conflict), you will lose all of your Silver Covenant/Sunreaver reptutation and associated achievements….read more


Have money, will transfer.

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Does the prospect of clearing Ulduar multiple times a week get you hot? Are you desperate for gear, emblems, or Fragments of Val’nyr? Do you enjoy your high-population realm but crave the vanity satisfaction of realm-first achievements? Are you a real-life Gevlon? Does your guild share your vision? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Blizzard now affords you the ultimate opportunity to min/max your raid-time: three-day realm transfers. In the wake of all the Blizzcon hoopla, this little feature seems to have been tacitly accepted or conveniently…read more


Can’t wait until November? Hot 3.2.2. action here!

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In a shocking turn of events, Blizzard has already posted details regarding the next patch—three months in advance. How does this affect us Druids? Unless you’re super pumped about Onyxia (and presumably didn’t farm her for eight thousand years in vanilla), there isn’t much on our horizon save this: Feral Combat Predatory Strikes: This talent now also causes the druid’s finishing moves to provide a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make the next Nature spell with a cast time below 10 seconds instant cast. What’s great about this change…read more