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Not quite dead yet!

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When we last met, I had forsaken my subscription and had moved on to other things. Of course, I don’t really remember what those particular things were, but the point is that life suddenly developed a new busyness. Seemingly overnight, I metamorphosed into the kind of person whose crankiness knew no bounds if she didn’t get to sleep sometime before midnight. How lame!  Thus for a time, I resigned myself to the drone of corporate life punctuated by brief sprees of gaming and occasional weekend badassery: playing D&D and painting…read more


So long, and thanks for all the fish (feasts)!

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Although this shouldn't really come as a shock to anyone who's noticed that there hasn't been an update here in months, Unbearably HoT is closed for business–for now. Back in October when I initially stopped posting, I had canceled my WoW subscription. I figured hey, it's been 3.5 years, I somehow landed a husband via raiding, my office workload tripled, I didn't have the energy to raid in the capacity I like to, and I ostensibly had no regrets moving on. Except that really, I did. When you're involved in…read more


Azerothian Idol: 3.3 Edition

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If you’ve been reading this site with any frequency, you probably know that I love to collect and examine the benefits of idols. Having an arsenal of these easy-to-acquire pieces allows the intrepid feral a measure of versatility that doesn’t require re-gemming or building a second armor set—although obviously, some are more useful than others. Previously, I provided the following table as a quick-and-dirty guide for what you should pick up: Idol Effect (Cat Only) Idol of the Ravenous Beast Increases the damage done by Shred by 203. Idol of…read more


Well, that was quicker than I expected.

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In a most fortuitous coincidence, Blizzard is releasing Patch 3.2.2 today just as AION boasts its first opening day. I’ll be the first to admit that this is happening earlier than I anticipated; naively, I assumed that because the supposed WoW anniversary is in November, we’d be seeing an Onyxia release about then. If previous PTR patch notes can be trusted, we can be squaring off with the Brood Mother this evening! But let’s be real—what can we ferals expect? The amount of ArP gained per point has been reduced…read more


(Armor) Penetration: How hard will it be in 3.2.2?

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For the past two weeks I’ve essentially been MIA as I finished up a series of massive projects at work and took a high-fiving trip to Chicago. During that time, of course, we’ve learned that in 3.2.2., the value of Armor Penetration will decrease to 110%, down from 125%. Has the so-called stat-of-the-gods fallen from its golden pedestal? Hardly. What we’re seeing is approximately a 12% nerf, if the old ArP hard cap was 1,230 and the new hard cap will be 1,399.57. Druids everywhere have bemoaned their long ride…read more