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Hey, what are you wearing? A REVISED Ulduar Loot List for Cool Cats!

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If you recall, I posted a preliminary Ulduar Gear List for Feral DPS a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot more raiding, have made substantial changes to my spreadsheet (thank you, Gingershnaps, for the extensive and awesome layout work), and have a different methodology for how you can select Cat gear. I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend in the way some of the new Druid gear looks. The new spreadsheet can be downloaded here. How does this shit work? First of all, it’s important to know how and…read more


Hey, what are you wearing? Ulduar Loot Lists for Cool Cats!

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This post is now outdated. For up-to-date information and better gear recommendations, please go HERE. As promised, I have compiled an Ulduar loot list for all the hot cats out there. Note that this list only includes loot that’s new in 3.1 and that it’s entirely possible that more loot is yet to be discovered. If there are leather items you know have dropped and they haven’t been included, do me a favor and drop me a line so that I can add them to the spreadsheet. When considering what gear…read more


The terror that flaps in the night.

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Recently, I was asked what I thought about Feral DPS in Ulduar. This pretty much sums it up: For reference purposes, this is just a Recount screenshot from an old XT-002 attempt. These numbers are on the high end but are typical for that encounter. This is partially because you do double-damage during the “heart” phase, and also because XT-002 functions as the new melee Patchwerk. You can assume normal 25-man raid buffs (flasks, food, Kings, your mom), Hysteria, and Speed Pots. Additionally, I’d just like to note that the…read more


Wow, he’s HUGE! Making the most out of bad positioning on Kologarn.

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There’s nothing better than stomping the Iron Council into the ground and trekking back up the staircases to see a giant Titan dude emerge from the depths of Ulduar. If you haven’t seen him yet, Kologarn is so big that you actually only get to hit his regenerating arms and his giant-ass torso. For most folks, the strat is ridiculously simple—keeping everyone alive makes the encounter difficult. As always, having stellar DPS is an absolute must; however, there is no possible way to DPS any part of Kologarn from behind….read more


May the Phae be with you!

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After a fantastic night (with many repair bills) in Ulduar, we killed the Iron Council and got the following piece of loot (as well as a pair of boots I scooped up): The spirit of Phaelia is with us. This can only be a good thing.