Unbearably HoT

Have money, will transfer.

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Does the prospect of clearing Ulduar multiple times a week get you hot? Are you desperate for gear, emblems, or Fragments of Val’nyr? Do you enjoy your high-population realm but crave the vanity satisfaction of realm-first achievements? Are you a real-life Gevlon? Does your guild share your vision? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Blizzard now affords you the ultimate opportunity to min/max your raid-time: three-day realm transfers. In the wake of all the Blizzcon hoopla, this little feature seems to have been tacitly accepted or conveniently…read more


Azerothian Idol: 3.2 Edition

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Let’s provide a little background. We Druids have had a stormy relationship with our Idols—they were either tiresome or difficult to obtain, and their equip effects haven’t always been ideal. Even after Wrath came out, Bears either suffered through content using a Level 70 item as best-in-slot or participated in a series of daily PVP quests to pick up the threat-boosting Idol of Perspicacious Attacks. It wasn’t until Ulduar that Bears cheered the Idol of the Corruptor—and then simultaneously booed when they realized it dropped off of Heroic Vezax. For…read more


Not the same old “sheet:” 3.2 DPS Gear Recommendations

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A “filler arc” is a phrase used to describe a short side story in a serial comic book or TV show that diverges from the main storyline. It’s often used as a device to prolong the life of a series, give the producers/creators more time to work on the plot, and ostensibly to give the viewer time to catch up to the main story. Remember when your elementary school teacher would take a day off and leave the substitute with four thousand worksheets to keep you busy? It takes up…read more


How to get the (armor)penetration your pussy deserves!

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Bushidox, of Cenarion Circle, is the second winner of the Guest Yogger contest and comes to you today with a discussion about the benefits of Armor Penetration. With the 3.1 patch and Ulduar there are a number of new gear choices and options to maximize your effectiveness as a cat. The biggest stat change is to Armor Penetration, which used to be the ugly redheaded stepchild of DPS and has recently turned into the girl next door (re: catches your eye but remains fairly unobtainable). Theorycrafters agree on a couple…read more


New Two-Handers That Will Make Your Pussy Go Wild

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A recent comment preempted this post by reminding me that my old list of “gear with Hit Rating” is dated. With the arrival of 3.0.8, we can now take advantage of two-handed maces and polearms—to great effect. For DPS purposes, two-handed maces and polearms nearly eclipse staves of similar item level for DPS purposes and often have Hit and Expertise Rating on them as an added bonus. Let’s take a look at some high-end weapons you’ll want to consider. As a reminder, all numbers are calculated assuming you’ve maxed out…read more