Unbearably HoT

Constructive Reconsideration.

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As I started writing this article, Wintersdark responded to yesterday’s piece with the following: I’d like to see other classes able to get great dps when handled as masterfully as a cat putting out consistently astounding numbers. Exactly! Part of the fun in Feral DPS is the challenge the rotation affords—and I’d hate to see it go. While it’s possible to tune down our damage while simultaneously simplifying our cycles, why not step up everyone’s game and put them to the test? Sorry, I’m dreaming again. Blizzard’s reality is that…read more


Don’t nerf me, bro.

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A note before reading: apparently any sort of discussion that in any way discusses nerfs now classifies as “nerd-raging.” This is not an angry rant whatsoever; do yourself a favor and don’t read it as such. A recent blue post addressed the topic of Feral DPS, suggesting that it is, perhaps, a little “too high.” While that immediately elicited a response from me that probably sounded a little like “Go fuck yourself,” Mr. Ghostcrawler quickly followed that statement with: “It’s tricky though because it is a very demanding spec to…read more


Cease and Desist

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If, when you make a movie, TV show, or video game your only end-goal is to sell a product to the end-user, you’re doing it wrong. To really cash in and make your media-event legendary, you need a moderately unique idea that has broad-spectrum appeal and a vocal fan-base. Why? Anyone can roll out a product that a few people will buy (ala Vanguard: Saga of Heroes), but if you’re a real market-savvy motherfucker, you know that you want consumers buying your lunchboxes, t-shirts, comic books, pins, plushies, card games,…read more


Get “Sprung.” As in, Spring Has.

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Noblegarden is spectacular—a true vision of Azeroth at its finest. I only had to snag my first egg from the cotton-tailed clutches of a Hunter-turned-rabbit to receive a stream of grammatically incorrect vitriol. I love this. First of all, I’m terribly sorry that you can’t click as quickly as I can. Second, I’m disappointed that your retorts are neither clever nor funny. Third, you have only inspired me to poach as many eggs from you as I possibly can while simultaneously reporting and throwing you on ignore. That’s beside the…read more