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MAXIMUM DAMAGE: Talent Choices for Feral DPS in 3.1

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Now that the days of so-called “utility” classes are over and hybrids should be doing nearly as much (if not the same) amount of damage as pure DPS classes, it’s time to start thinking like a pure DPS class. Have you taken a talent that doesn’t amplify your damage? Does that talent greatly increase the damage of the raid group? No? Skip it. You want to start every rotation hearing that dude from Crysis saying “MAXIMUM STRENGTH” in your head. The 0/55/16 build effectively gives you all of the high-damage…read more


My Immortal.

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Turn off the Evanescence, emo-kid. What I didn’t mention earlier today was that the GM we’d been working with to take care of a few issues told us that she’d stop by tonight during our Immortal run and come wish us luck. As our raid moved from Spider Wing to Plague Wing to Military Wing to Construct Wing, our hopes of meeting our GM friend dwindled, as did the prospects of another two weeks of Immortal attempts. After Grobbulus, however, one of our intrepid raid leaders had us hold up…read more


Domo Arigatou, Mr. Roboto

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When everyone starts talking about the new bosses in Ulduar, I can’t help getting a little excited about the XT-002 Deconstructor—and it’s not just because he drops Twisted Visage. I remember Doomwalker’s ominous voice with peculiar longing, and I’m not sure anyone can resist watching Void Reaver rev his invisible motorcycle. Nothing gets my pistons pumping like giant robots, and I don’t think the Deconstructor will disappoint. The Deconstructor goes back up for testing on the PTR next Tuesday, and I’ve attempted to provide a comprehensive overview of the the Deconstructor’s…read more


Revelations 6:1-8 The Four Horsemen

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Most, if not all boss encounters in both normal and heroic Naxxramas are relatively straight forward: DPS beats things, the tanks generate threat, healers play the bar graph game, and everyone makes sure they’re not standing in shit on the ground. Sure, there are tricks and gimmicks to everything; for example, kiting the Zombie Chow during Gluth’s encounter (if you have the tools to do it) is much easier on healers than standing there and letting 85 damage-increasing diseases (no exaggeration) stack on you.   But it rather goes without…read more


Who killed Mr. Bigglesworth? Kel’thuzad wants to know.

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I realized that I mentioned going to Naxxramas in my previous post and didn’t say anything else about it. We started very late for East Coasters and went to a ridiculously early hour in the morning (at which point all my fine motor skills went to shit), but we cleared out the Plague Wing, Spider Wing, and part of the Abomination Wing. Everyone was largely in T6 or Sunwell gear, and a few folks (namely Lycentia and a few from Drow) had had extensive experience in the original Naxxramas—which is…read more