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Everybody hop on the loot train!

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As promised, I’ve gone through the 3.2 DPS Gear Spreadsheet and updated it with all the new Coliseum items, including the crafted Leatherworking pieces. You’ll also find that some of the numbers look a little different than before—that’s because some of the stat values changed. Remember: Please to brain. Although gear is first sorted by the number of sockets, the number of sockets do not necessarily guarantee the best piece of gear. Armor Penetration is currently the best stat to stack at higher gear levels, so long as you have…read more


Azerothian Idol: 3.2 Edition

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Let’s provide a little background. We Druids have had a stormy relationship with our Idols—they were either tiresome or difficult to obtain, and their equip effects haven’t always been ideal. Even after Wrath came out, Bears either suffered through content using a Level 70 item as best-in-slot or participated in a series of daily PVP quests to pick up the threat-boosting Idol of Perspicacious Attacks. It wasn’t until Ulduar that Bears cheered the Idol of the Corruptor—and then simultaneously booed when they realized it dropped off of Heroic Vezax. For…read more


Not the same old “sheet:” 3.2 DPS Gear Recommendations

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A “filler arc” is a phrase used to describe a short side story in a serial comic book or TV show that diverges from the main storyline. It’s often used as a device to prolong the life of a series, give the producers/creators more time to work on the plot, and ostensibly to give the viewer time to catch up to the main story. Remember when your elementary school teacher would take a day off and leave the substitute with four thousand worksheets to keep you busy? It takes up…read more


How to get what you want: clothes ON edition.

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I write a lot about gear—what looks totally sweet, stuff that will probably improve your DPS, how to kill the boss to get the gear, and the next-best-thing if you can’t pick up what’s best-in-slot. What I don’t normally cover is the politicking about who gets what—normally I don’t care. If you show up all the time and play like a champion, chances are pretty decent you’ll pick up what you need. But let’s set the record straight: there is no perfect or fair loot distribution system. Finding a DKP…read more


Hey, what are you wearing? A REVISED Ulduar Loot List for Cool Cats!

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If you recall, I posted a preliminary Ulduar Gear List for Feral DPS a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot more raiding, have made substantial changes to my spreadsheet (thank you, Gingershnaps, for the extensive and awesome layout work), and have a different methodology for how you can select Cat gear. I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend in the way some of the new Druid gear looks. The new spreadsheet can be downloaded here. How does this shit work? First of all, it’s important to know how and…read more