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Challenge Mode: Confronting Bullies and Users of Offensive Language in WoW

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I want to take a step back from druids, crummy puns, and game mechanics and tell you fine folks a story. I imagine that many of you will be able to relate, though I wish that weren’t the case. I was bullied as a child. I’m not sure why it happened, though I suppose I was sort of a weirdo: I liked robots and books and leggings with stirrups. But I can’t claim it was because of my sexuality or my socio-economic status or the color of my skin. I…read more


A Whisker Closer to 85

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During the past week I’ve frequently asked myself what my time is worth;[i] specifically, whether the time it’s taking me to level a new druid (Smirkfang[ii]) is worth the $55 it would cost to realm and faction transfer Runyarusco.[iii] I’m inclined to say, “Hell yes!” but the reality is that it currently costs over $40 to fill my tiny Civic’s gas tank. Priorities, right? Thus I’ve resigned myself to the drudgery of questing through levels one through eighty-five all over again. Low-level content is greatly improved, so much so that…read more


Azerothian Idol: 3.3 Edition

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If you’ve been reading this site with any frequency, you probably know that I love to collect and examine the benefits of idols. Having an arsenal of these easy-to-acquire pieces allows the intrepid feral a measure of versatility that doesn’t require re-gemming or building a second armor set—although obviously, some are more useful than others. Previously, I provided the following table as a quick-and-dirty guide for what you should pick up: Idol Effect (Cat Only) Idol of the Ravenous Beast Increases the damage done by Shred by 203. Idol of…read more


(Armor) Penetration: How hard will it be in 3.2.2?

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For the past two weeks I’ve essentially been MIA as I finished up a series of massive projects at work and took a high-fiving trip to Chicago. During that time, of course, we’ve learned that in 3.2.2., the value of Armor Penetration will decrease to 110%, down from 125%. Has the so-called stat-of-the-gods fallen from its golden pedestal? Hardly. What we’re seeing is approximately a 12% nerf, if the old ArP hard cap was 1,230 and the new hard cap will be 1,399.57. Druids everywhere have bemoaned their long ride…read more