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Bonus! T13 Set Details Released

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You know Blizzard is overwhelmed when they decide to release 4.3 information in the wee hours of Sunday morning while many of us were eating pizza, getting drunk, and catching up on past episodes of True Blood. In the event that you were partying and didn’t have the opportunity to check your RSS or Twitter feed, here’s a quick recap. Feral, 2pc – While Berserk is active, Savage Defense absorbs are 100% larger, and your Blood in the Water talent now causes Ferocious Bite to refresh the duration of your…read more


Up Close and Personal: Addressing Melee Discrepancies in Raid Content

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If you’ve been reading through the 4.3 information dump, you’ve probably noticed that Ghostcrawler made an attempt to acknowledge the difficulties native to melee DPS. “It becomes a problem when it feels like consistently the same types of characters aren’t competing. We’ve seen a lot of concern about the melee classes just can’t compete with the ranged classes. Part of that is class mechanics; part of it is that we just have a lot of encounters that really favor ranged. So for the Deathwing tier, what we’re going to do…read more


Druid Class Feedback

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Once I got back from the East Coast and recovered from a brutal cold, I decided to gather my thoughts regarding Blizzard's request for class feedback. When I tried to post in the thread, however, it was already at its post limit. So if any of you Blizzard types are out there, here's my two copper. What type of content do you focus on? PvE. I haven’t been even remotely interested in PvP since Resilience stopped being important for Bear tanks. If PvE, what type of PvE? Heroics and raids;…read more


Strength, how does it work? More punching, less scratching in 4.2.

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After an apparently overwrought tussle about a “need” roll on an STR mace, a warrior[i] I know asked, “How good is strength for druids anyway?” “Complete shit,” I responded instantaneously. But that’s not entirely true. These days[ii], most druids know that it’s almost never preferable to take an item boasting STR rather than AGI, but STR still provides us with oft overlooked benefits. Currently, one point of STR grants us two[iii] AP. Come 4.2, that’ll drop to one point of AP per each point of STR. So if we’re not…read more


Azerothian Idol: 3.3 Edition

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If you’ve been reading this site with any frequency, you probably know that I love to collect and examine the benefits of idols. Having an arsenal of these easy-to-acquire pieces allows the intrepid feral a measure of versatility that doesn’t require re-gemming or building a second armor set—although obviously, some are more useful than others. Previously, I provided the following table as a quick-and-dirty guide for what you should pick up: Idol Effect (Cat Only) Idol of the Ravenous Beast Increases the damage done by Shred by 203. Idol of…read more