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Technical Difficulties

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If you follow my Twitter feed at all, you're probably aware that I've been without Internet access since moving into my new home. This has made it difficult to do a number of things, including banking, updating my address at various institutions, working from home, blogging, and perhaps most importantly to you, dear reader, raiding. Our entire experience with Comcast, the only ISP available to my area, was miserable: I have never before dealt with a more unprofessional corporation in my entire life. It's also pertinent to note that they…read more


Happy Anniversary.

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Two years ago today, I married a dude I met in game. I'm pleased to say that they've been fantastic years full of adventures, bad jokes, and makeouts, and I'm writing this today to remind everyone that if your passion is gaming, it's more than possible to find someone equally passionate about gaming and you. Allow yourself to open up to someone in game every once in awhile and don't be afraid to take calculated risks. You never quite know what you'll find. More to come as soon as I…read more


Not quite dead yet!

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When we last met, I had forsaken my subscription and had moved on to other things. Of course, I don’t really remember what those particular things were, but the point is that life suddenly developed a new busyness. Seemingly overnight, I metamorphosed into the kind of person whose crankiness knew no bounds if she didn’t get to sleep sometime before midnight. How lame!  Thus for a time, I resigned myself to the drone of corporate life punctuated by brief sprees of gaming and occasional weekend badassery: playing D&D and painting…read more


So long, and thanks for all the fish (feasts)!

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Although this shouldn't really come as a shock to anyone who's noticed that there hasn't been an update here in months, Unbearably HoT is closed for business–for now. Back in October when I initially stopped posting, I had canceled my WoW subscription. I figured hey, it's been 3.5 years, I somehow landed a husband via raiding, my office workload tripled, I didn't have the energy to raid in the capacity I like to, and I ostensibly had no regrets moving on. Except that really, I did. When you're involved in…read more


Not dead yet!

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While I don’t like making excuses, I just wanted to alleviate some concerns: Unbearably HoT is not shutting down, nor have I quit playing WoW. In fact, I’ve been pretty busy in game: Work, however, has elevated past “busy” and climbed into the “not a good time to have a life” spectrum. I anticipate making a full return to writing as soon as August rolls around. In the meantime, feel free to track me down on Twitter, Mal’ganis (US PVP) or Silver Hand (US PVE)—or just drop me a line…read more