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Challenge Mode: Confronting Bullies and Users of Offensive Language in WoW

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I want to take a step back from druids, crummy puns, and game mechanics and tell you fine folks a story. I imagine that many of you will be able to relate, though I wish that weren’t the case. I was bullied as a child. I’m not sure why it happened, though I suppose I was sort of a weirdo: I liked robots and books and leggings with stirrups. But I can’t claim it was because of my sexuality or my socio-economic status or the color of my skin. I…read more


This Doesn’t Feel Very Good: Feral State of Play in 5.3

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What do you do when you’re not satisfied with your DPS output? Well, first I evaluate my sobriety.[i] If that’s not at issue, I complain about it to Lycentia and deflate into a wasted husk of futility. After five minutes or so of that, it’s time to get serious. I start by asking myself a few simple questions. 1.    Did I die?[ii] 2.    Was I forced to DPS in front of the boss?[iii] 3.    Was there a lot of target switching?[iv] 4.    Did I forget to eat/flask?[v] 5.    Is there…read more


Hey, I’m still talking here!

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When I stopped blogging in 2011, it was largely because I lost interest in the game. Cataclysm felt flat, like a curious filler episode in between real content, and I became disconnected from my character and my endgame experience. I wasn’t raiding in any satisfactory capacity, and further, I wasn’t compelled to. My general disinterest coupled with the added duties of being a new homeowner and a renewed dedication to fitness sealed my departure, and I didn’t pick up a new MMO until June 19, 2012, when The Secret World…read more


Blizzcon 2011: no, I’m not there.

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Every year my husband and I discuss whether or not we want to attend Blizzcon. Our conversations usually follow as below. “Wow, look how insanely expensive the tickets are this year for a two-day convention that focuses on three games.” “You want to try and go to PAX instead?” “Yeah, let’s do that.” Then I remember that it’s less about the games and the not-usually-surprising announcements (which I’ll hear instantaneously on Twitter) and more about the community I’ve been a part of since 2006. Each year I read those Twitter…read more