Runyarusco (roon-yah-roo-skoh)

You can call my Runy, though.

When I started my fourteen-day trial in 2006, I rolled a druid solely because I thought turning into a cat was the height of cool. What I wasn’t aware of was the fact that despite the lure of three talent trees, each class generally had only one spec that was considered raid viable. Fortunately, that didn’t stop me from joining a successful progression guild as a feral druid.

After six years adventuring in the World of Warcraft, I’ve had the opportunity to play with some incredible people scattered across such realms as Garona, Baelgun, Scarlet Crusade, Silver Hand, Doomhammer, Stormrage, and Mal’ganis. I met my now-husband in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Although I have primarily been some variety of feral throughout my raiding career, I’ve also successfully dabbled in restoration and balance when the occasion has warranted.

When Unbearably HoT first closed its doors in January 2010, I had decided to forgo progression raiding. Somehow, that didn’t quite stop me from besting Icecrown Citadel or the Ruby Sanctum, or even from power-leveling to eighty-five when Cataclysm hit. Now, however, after another brief hiatus, I’ve decided to start over. Runyarusco is still sitting on Mal’ganis with her veritable ark of pets (along with a harem of alts), but I’m attempting to take it slow, fiddle around with my paladin, and re-level another druid to play with friends. You know, for now.

I majored in creative writing with a background in photography and marine and microbiology. In my youth, I imagined that combination of skills would automatically net me a job traveling the world with National Geographic. (Hilarious, right?) In the real world, I spend my days writing and editing marketing copy for a nationally known insurance corporation. I love reading, watching sci-fi, cooking, writing, gaming, running, and knitting. I also enjoy makeouts, high fives, and challenging games of Tetris.

Although a New Englander at heart, I’m building a home in the Midwest with my husband and our four cats. I still miss the ocean.