No One Expects the Henri Perquisition

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This guest post was written by Runycat’s partner, Kolrath. He’s a pretty cool dude who loves video games that allow him to level endlessly. You can find more of his thoughts on Diablo, cats, and cider on Twitter @Kolrath

Season 4 starts tonight, and the most adorable addition to the exclusive seasonal items you can find is definitely Henri’s Perquisition.

Henri's Perquisition

Henri is a super-cute kitten in a harness with a bell on his collar. This legendary feline mojo can only be equipped by a Witch Doctor, which might make you think twice about your seasonal class selection. Henri meows when you equip him and cries when you unequip him (consider your off-hand slot his forever home, lest you be deemed a monster worse than Diablo).

The enchanter Yanashima hired the famous craftsman Paul of Westmarch to help her create a mojo of great power. At a critical moment, Paul’s cat Henri leapt into the mix, deep in pursuit of a mouse. Now an inseparable part of the mojo, Henri is said to be eternally searching for that mouse, which has never been seen since.

Henri’s flavor text spins a mystical yarn about a powerful enchantment gone wrong. Sadly, he is cursed to search for that mouse in a purrgatory of his own making. You can help Henri on his quest by taking him with you on your adventure through Season 4. Merely being in his presence will make you more intelligent, powerful, and resourceful. He will undoubtedly become a valued member of your zombie dog entourage as he flails at nearby demons, cleans his whiskers, and uses his now-innate legendary power to protect you while charming your enemies.

Henri is bound to be one of the more sought-after items in Season 4, so you’re probably wondering about the fastest way to get your paws on him. There are a few ways to skip the line at the adoption center:

  • Play normally. You might be lucky enough to find Henri as you’re working your way up the levelling ladder. If this doesn’t pan out, you can group with other Witch Doctors in hopes that one of you will be able to chase down Henri and harness his power. Then, you can make the pact that any future Henri drops will be shared among you chosen few.
  • Gamble with Kadala. No one really knows why Kadala will exchange blood shards for a chance at adopting Henri, but that is absolutely the case. Gamble every last shard you can on her mystery mojos and pray that Henri pops out.
  • Use Kanai’s Cube. One of the new cube recipes is called Hope of Cain. This allows you to transmute a rare (yellow) level 70 mojo into a random legendary mojo using 25 Death’s Breath, 50 Reusable Parts, 50 Arcane Dust, and 50 Veiled Crystals. This could very well reveal Henri’s cuddly form for you to have and to hold (just don’t shake him).

Henri’s a purrfect addition to the corrupted world of Sanctuary, and you can see him in action tonight after 8 p.m. EST.