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Posted in Mists of Pandaria on Jul 10, 2013

When I stopped blogging in 2011, it was largely because I lost interest in the game. Cataclysm felt flat, like a curious filler episode in between real content, and I became disconnected from my character and my endgame experience. I wasn’t raiding in any satisfactory capacity, and further, I wasn’t compelled to. My general disinterest coupled with the added duties of being a new homeowner and a renewed dedication to fitness sealed my departure, and I didn’t pick up a new MMO until June 19, 2012, when The Secret World released[i].

Looking back, 2012 turned into a very important year. It’s strange that it can take so long[ii] to finally feel like you’re becoming the unstoppable cyborg badass you always imagined you were. And you know, I’m not just describing a physical change (though that’s also occurred)—I’m talking about a complete introspective metamorphosis. I imagine I’ll probably detail this exploration in essay format at my other blogging project, but my point is that I encouraged new growth. I kindled some new flame of my being, and I was able to reach out to other likeminded individuals in my community for the first time since I moved to the Midwest.

I still ignored Mists of Pandaria. Truthfully, I was kind of an asshole about the whole thing[iii]. But I think that I was just feeling left out and left behind, and sort of anxious that I wouldn’t have a place in the community anymore. Eventually I caved to a peculiar sort of boredom, bought the expansion, and started the arduous process of leveling both my Alliance- and Horde-side characters again. I collected more pets. I hopped into dungeons and raids when the opportunities presented themselves. In fact, I’ve mostly been quietly coasting, playing casually and idly considering gold-run challenge modes.

I never thought I’d come back to WoW blogging, but after listening to the first episode of Justice Points the other day, I realized that there’s still a lot I want to say. I may not be theorycrafting (much) or working on progression (probably), but there are still elements of both the game itself and the community it’s generated that I want to talk about. I was kind of hoping you’d all join me on that adventure.

We need to talk about Brewnette.


[i] I didn’t want to go into great detail about The Secret World because that’s not what this blog is about, but if you have the opportunity to play it, I really believe you should. In my opinion, the game only really suffers from some user interface idiosyncrasies and a dearth of new content, but it gives you an incredibly immersive experience, a compelling story, and some really, really unique multiplayer experiences.

[ii] You know, like 27 or 28 years. 

[iii] Pandas are too silly, I’m sick of the corruption themes, adding mini games will trivialize content, catering to the lowest-common denominator will eventually set everyone’s house on fire, et cetera. 


  • At 2013.07.11 16:01, Mech said:

    “or working on progression (probably)”

    You have but to say the word if you want that to change.

    Though I’m not sure what we do can be legitimately called progression, so maybe you’re talking about something else :)

    • At 2013.07.12 11:29, Runycat said:

      It’s hard to really nail down what I want to do right now, especially because my schedule can be pretty variable. Also, I’m old and have been going to bed at like 10:00 p.m. EST.

      • At 2013.07.15 15:06, Ratshag said:

        Welcome back, Runy!

        • At 2013.07.15 15:41, Runycat said:

          Thanks a lot!

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