Blizzcon 2011: no, I’m not there.

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Every year my husband and I discuss whether or not we want to attend Blizzcon. Our conversations usually follow as below.

“Wow, look how insanely expensive the tickets are this year for a two-day convention that focuses on three games.”

“You want to try and go to PAX instead?”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Then I remember that it’s less about the games and the not-usually-surprising announcements (which I’ll hear instantaneously on Twitter) and more about the community I’ve been a part of since 2006. Each year I read those Twitter feeds and live-blogs and forum posts with a certain jealous fondness, wishing that I, too, could hang out with the people with whom I’ve long exchanged ideas and silly conversation. Hell, I just want to go someplace warmer than the Midwest. I have to tamp down the sentiment and consider the simple math.

Two Blizzcon tickets = $350

Two round-trip plane tickets from Detroit to Anaheim = $900[i]

Hotel room for three nights = $537[ii]

Food = $200[iii]

Miscellaneous spending money = $100

Total = $2,087

Working off of the assumption that I’d like to take an actual vacation at some point during the year, spending approximately $2,000 on a glorified long weekend doesn’t fall into our budget plan—especially now that we have a house. And though I’ll miss the people and the high fives and the neckbeards and the /flex photoshoots, I can still watch from afar and speculate. What will they announce at Blizzcon this year?  

After last year’s lackluster performance—why, oh why did you release the Cataclysm trailer and details before the convention?—I think it’s safe to say we’ll see information pertaining to the next expansion. I still want to believe that Mists of Pandaria is a red herring that has something to do with a mobile game or trading card expansion—especially considering the implications of panda-based characters in China—but I’m starting to think it might be legitimate. I can see the summary now—

A sheltered land of mist-draped bamboo stands and free-flowing beer faces a new terror—bamboo blight. You, adventurer, must team up with your with newfound Pandaren allies to find a secluded group of herbal pathologists and develop a cure before it’s too late!

I’m also expecting to see a new Diablo cinematic, and maybe, just maybe we’ll get a release date. We can all dream, right?

For those of you at the convention, have fun, stay safe, and take lots of pictures.

[i] This varied, obviously, but $450 (with tax) was the average per person price for a three or four day trip from Detroit to Anaheim.

[ii] This was at $179 a night, the cheapest room rate I found near the convention center. Most rooms were much more expensive.

[iii] Again, this is a pretty variable number. You can certainly eat very cheaply on vacation if you’d like, but assuming that we’d be attending certain parties and meetups, I imagine it’d be on the high end.