Technical Difficulties

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If you follow my Twitter feed at all, you're probably aware that I've been without Internet access since moving into my new home. This has made it difficult to do a number of things, including banking, updating my address at various institutions, working from home, blogging, and perhaps most importantly to you, dear reader, raiding. Our entire experience with Comcast, the only ISP available to my area, was miserable: I have never before dealt with a more unprofessional corporation in my entire life. It's also pertinent to note that they have two Customer Service departments, one of which is only available to you if you have a professional ID number from a current Comcast employee. Normal, every day customers don't get access to that sort of expedited, personalized service (which, by the way, was still completely unhelpful).

In addition, Unbearably HoT was briefly infected with a malicious script that necessitated the complete deletion and reinstallation of my entire directory (and thank you, Phaelia, for helping me out with all of that). As a result, many of my older entries are plagued by formatting errors in which commas and quotation marks turn into completely unhelpful foreign symbols, and the Blogroll page looks a lot more clumsy than I'd like it to. It will all be fixed in time.

But the point of this post is to note that today, Comcast Business Class finally exhibited a modicum of professionalism and connected our service. I hope to return both to blogging and raiding very shortly. Thanks for your patience!