A Whisker Closer to 85

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During the past week I’ve frequently asked myself what my time is worth;[i] specifically, whether the time it’s taking me to level a new druid (Smirkfang[ii]) is worth the $55 it would cost to realm and faction transfer Runyarusco.[iii] I’m inclined to say, “Hell yes!” but the reality is that it currently costs over $40 to fill my tiny Civic’s gas tank. Priorities, right?

Thus I’ve resigned myself to the drudgery of questing through levels one through eighty-five all over again. Low-level content is greatly improved, so much so that I found myself constantly out-leveling each zone I visited. If you’re someone willing to move on as soon as quests turn green, this allows you to plow through a multitude of new environments before getting bored. However, if you’re the type who hungers for completion and dislikes leaving a wake of pale exclamation points behind you, you’ll probably only slog through five different zones[iv] before hitting the Dark Portal. (Sadly, I haven’t found an efficient way to skip Outland entirely.)

Now, as I’m on the cusp of reaching Northrend and am familiar with the new mechanics of ability acquisition[v], I feel that I can provide a helpful feral leveling guide.

  1. At level 10, choose the “Feral Combat” specialization.
  2. Mangle.
  3. If your target still hasn’t died and you have five combo points, use Ferocious Bite.
  4. Continue to follow steps two and three.
  5. At level 25, purchase Glyph of Mangle and Glyph of Maul. This is for more fight!
  6. In the event you pull 20394845 mans, shift into bear. Push every button when it’s not on cooldown for great success.
  7. In the event that someone else pulls 20394845 mans, apply Swipe liberally.

I don’t have a lot more to provide you with at this juncture; until I hit eighty-five and get back to raiding, I can’t accurately test anything. Stick around though—you never know what you’ll find here. Oh, and have this nice picture of Nagrand. Ignore the sneering Chihuahua in it.

[i] I also ask myself this in regards to doing chores, cooking, and working.

[ii] Named after my beloved D&D character, who is neither a druid nor a lycanthrope.

[iii] Or, perhaps more pertinently, whether it’s worth moving back to Doomhammer in the first place; although I’d certainly have to do some serious catching up on Runyarusco, I could easily reintegrate into the raiding scene on Mal’ganis—not to mention the fact that there are people there whose company I still enjoy.

[iv] Not counting the starter zone, which for worgen effectively puts you on rails until you hit fifteen or so. I nearly started Darkshore but soon decided to head to Redridge. From there, Darkshire, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, and Burning Steppe. I suppose there were a few quests in between each as well.

[v] And am stunned by how many things are simply given to you now. No quests to be a bear or a seal? Cat form at level 8?!