Azerothian Idol: 3.3 Edition

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If you’ve been reading this site with any frequency, you probably know that I love to collect and examine the benefits of idols. Having an arsenal of these easy-to-acquire pieces allows the intrepid feral a measure of versatility that doesn’t require re-gemming or building a second armor set—although obviously, some are more useful than others. Previously, I provided the following table as a quick-and-dirty guide for what you should pick up:

Idol Effect (Cat Only)
Idol of the Ravenous Beast Increases the damage done by Shred by 203.
Idol of Worship Increases periodic damage done by Rip by 21 per combo point.
Idol of the Corruptor Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 153 AGI for 12 seconds.
Idol of Mutilation Your Cat Form’s Mangle and Shred abilities have a chance to grant 200 AGI for 16 seconds.

Idol of Worship < ArP 230 < Idol of the Ravenous Beast
Idol of the Corruptor ← Manglebot? → Idol of the Ravenous Beast
Idol of the Ravenous Beast ←ArP > 230 and 25 EoT → Idol of Mutilation
See Above ← Bear → Idol of the Corruptor

Currently, I’d argue that the Idol of Mutilation is the premier go-to choice for DPSing ferals everywhere. The 200 AGI proc effect has a near 100 percent uptime and remains just as useful for Manglebots as it does ArP badasses. Yesterday, however, MMO-Champion spotlighted an as yet unnamed Druid T10 Feral idol:

The periodic damage from your Lacerate and Rake abilities grants 44 Agility for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.

Now wait a second! Rake? As you might be aware, Rake is getting a little more attention in 3.3; namely, the T10 four-piece set bonus gives the Rake DoT effect a chance to crit (something that, I might add, was initially part of the Primal Gore talent and was subsequently removed as it proved to be overpowered). We still do not, however, have any way to extend the duration of the nine second DoT. What does this mean for the mystery idol?

With incredibly basic math, you can ascertain that five-stacks of the new idol’s effect will provide 220 AGI. While that looks better than the Idol of Mutilation’s 200 AGI, we need to consider the following:

  • The Rake DoT lasts for nine seconds after application and ticks every three seconds. This means that you can receive three stacks of the idol effect from one application of Rake (132 AGI).
  • If you’re already keeping a close watch on your debuffs, you’ll probably make sure that Rake never falls off the target. If so, you should easily be able to obtain the five stacks (220 AGI) and receive the 15 second buff.
  • If you can keep the proc effect at five stacks without having to start over after every 15 seconds (i.e. ensure that Rake never falls off the target), it’s incredibly useful. If, however, you need to re-stack to five every time, you might as well keep the Idol of Mutilation and receive a reliable 200 AGI with your Shreds or Mangles.
  • We also don’t know what the internal cooldown is on this particular idol and what sort of uptime we can expect. If it’s anything like the Idol of Mutilation (i.e. up almost all the time), it’s potentially 110% more useful.

For cats, then, the new idol is theoretically “better,” as long as we’re prioritizing Rake and the above conditions turn out to be favorable. If, however, you’re involved in a fight that requires a lot of movement or target switching, the Idol of Mutilation will likely end up being a more favorable option as it does not require obtaining five-stacks. What about bears? Remember that in my last discussion, we concluded the following:

%Dodge %Crit Armor Count
Idol of the Corruptor 3.7975518 2.18359152 363.93192
Idol of Mutilation 4.41964 0 0

Better than you thought, right? Fuck yes, kids. The Agility proc is enhanced by Blessing of Kings, Survival of the Fittest, and Mark of the Wild. With a near 100% uptime for every time you Mangle, you can gain nearly as much Dodge as the Idol of Mutilation boasts, in addition to threat and mitigation boosting stats. And, since the Idol of the Corruptor rolls in at the bargain price of 19 Emblems of Conquest, it’s a steal.

Will the new T10 idol replace the Idol of the Corruptor? In my opinion, absolutely. For many of the same reasons that the Idol of the Corruptor ended up a better option than the Idol of Mutilation (AGI = dodge, crit, armor, can be enhanced by raid buffs), this new idol rocks—assuming, of course, that you’re keeping Lacerate at five stacks. Let’s take a look:

%Dodge %Crit Armor Count
Idol of the Corruptor 3.7975518 2.18359152 363.93192
New Idol 4.964102 2.854368 475.728

It’s essentially a direct upgrade. Again, we will need to make sure to reevaluate this once we have more information, but for now, I’d keep this piece of shiny in your sights.