Hey, what are you wearing? A REVISED Ulduar Loot List for Cool Cats!

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If you recall, I posted a preliminary Ulduar Gear List for Feral DPS a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot more raiding, have made substantial changes to my spreadsheet (thank you, Gingershnaps, for the extensive and awesome layout work), and have a different methodology for how you can select Cat gear. I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend in the way some of the new Druid gear looks.

The new spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

How does this shit work? First of all, it’s important to know how and why I selected the items that I did. In my spreadsheet, I calculated and then sorted all the stat data based on the following criteria: number of sockets, Total Crit%, Total AP, and Armor Penetration (in that order). Remember, after Armor Penetration (which is a little ridiculous to gear for at the expense of other stats), AGI is the best stack to stat as a Cat. In the spreadsheet, I’ve translated AGI into both AP and Crit, and have attempted to pick out the item in each category with the most Crit Percentage and Attack Power. But why, you say, is sorting by socket number important?

An item with more sockets is not necessarily better than an item without sockets; however, the number of sockets can make or break a gear determination. Take the Flamestalker Boots and the Footpads of Silence. If you look purely at the Total AP and Total %Crit columns, you’ll notice that the Flamestalker Boots come out ahead (and have Haste). When you consider, however, that the Footpads of Silence are only 17 AP and 0.3% crit off and have two sockets, it’s easy to see why they’re better. As always, remember to carefully evaluate your gear. Crit, AP, and ArP (and even Haste) are totally awesome, but if you’re completely overlooking Hit and Expertise Rating, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

While you can find your best-in-slot items listed on the spreadsheet in red, I’ve put together two gear lists for you: one for the folks focused on Hard Mode Achievements, and one for the folks still trying to push through the first few bosses.


Back: Drape of the Faceless General. Normal General Vezax, Hard Mode.

Chest: Conqueror’s Nightsong Raiments. Heroic Hodir.

Feet: Footpads of Silence. LW recipe that drops from Heroic Ulduar.

Hands: Conqueror’s Nightsong Handgrips. Heroic Mimiron.

Head: Guise of the Midgard Serpent. Normal Thorim.

Legs: Legguards of Cunning Deception. Heroic Yogg-Saron, Hard Mode.

Neck: Seed of Budding Carnage. Normal Freya, Hard Mode.

Rings: Metallic Loop of the Sufferer (Heroic General Vezax), Godbane Signet (Normal Yogg-Saron).

Shoulders: Conqueror’s Nightsong Shoulderpads. Heroic Yogg-Saron.

Waist: Soul-Devouring Cinch. Normal Yogg-Saron, Hard Mode.

Weapon: Dark Edge of Depravity. Heroic Yogg-Saron, Hard Mode.

Wrists: Mechanist’s Bindings. Heroic Flame Leviathan.

This “set” will put you at 197 Hit Rating/5.91% (coupled with Grim Toll, you’re at 281, already over-budget) and 203 Expertise Rating/6.09% reduction in Dodge & Parry chance (assuming Primal Precision).


Back: Drape of Icy Intent. Heroic Hodir.

Chest: Conqueror’s Nightsong Raiments. Heroic Hodir.

Feet: Flamestalker Boots. Heroic Ignis.

Hands: Valorous Nightsong Handgrips. Normal Freya.

Head: Guise of the Midgard Serpent. Normal Thorim.

Legs: Proto-hide Leggings. Heroic Razorscale. These are also BoE.

Neck: Broach of the Wailing Night. 19 Emblems of Conquest. This is a super nice necklace.

Rings: Strength of the Automaton (Heroic Flame Leviathan) and Cindershard Ring (Heroic Ignis).

Shoulders: Treacherous Shoulderpads. Normal XT-002.

Waist: Belt of the Twilight Assassin. 28 Emblems of Conquest.

Weapon: Twisted Visage. Heroic XT-002. Lotrafen is technically better, but Twisted Visage is a lot easier to get.

Wrists: Mechanist’s Bindings. Heroic Flame Leviathan.

This “set,” which is a lot easier to assemble and will give you the two-piece T8 bonus, gives you 307 Hit Rating/9.21% Hit (super over-budget; if you can pick up Lotrafen, you’d be in better shape) and 177 Expertise Rating/5.31% reduction in Dodge & Parry chance (assuming Primal Precision).

I highly recommend using the spreadsheet to mix and match the gear you know you can attain and balance it with the stats you already have. Terrible with math? You can use the spreadsheet in conjunction with a tool like Rawr to get a leg up. Rawr also has the advantage of caching a number of other data elements and gear for your perusal. As always, the spreadsheet will continue to be updated as gear changes and discoveries occur. Looking for Bear information? Check out ThinkTank for super awesome tanking discussion and gearing suggestions.