Hey, what are you wearing? Ulduar Loot Lists for Cool Cats!

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This post is now outdated. For up-to-date information and better gear recommendations, please go HERE.

As promised, I have compiled an Ulduar loot list for all the hot cats out there. Note that this list only includes loot that’s new in 3.1 and that it’s entirely possible that more loot is yet to be discovered. If there are leather items you know have dropped and they haven’t been included, do me a favor and drop me a line so that I can add them to the spreadsheet. When considering what gear I chose as a top choice, remember:


  • Agility and Armor Penetration are the “best” stats to stack as a Cat right now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from Critical Strike, STR, or Haste. 
  • You will want your two-piece T7/7.5 and two-piece T8/8.5 bonuses.
  • Best-in-slot means nothing if you’re not Hit or Expertise capped (or at least fucking close); choose the proper gear accordingly.
  • In most cases, 25-man Ulduar gear will be better than 10. Sorry, kids.
  • I’m not including pre 3.1 gear. There’s a good chance you’re already wearing some sweet stuff. Make sure you do your research before assuming something in Ulduar is 100 percent better.
  • Where my idols at? For DPS, you’re still going to be alternating between the Idol of the Ravenous Beast (especially if you stack ArP) and Idol of Worship.
  • Trinkets? Do yourself a favor and go get that Darkmoon Card: Greatness. Pair that up with something like Grim Toll or Bandit’s Insignia or the Mirror of Truth, and you’re good to go.

And without any other further ado, here’s my DPS gear shortlist! For a full rundown of gear and stats, please download my 3.1 Gear List Spreadsheet here. 



Keep checking back as this gets updated. Good luck in Ulduar!