Better performance? Check!

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So I keep seeing people posting or linking to various strats that are already available from a million and twelve websites dedicated to that very thing. Instead of doing that, I’m going to give you a quick fix for many of your positioning woes, and I’ll provide step by step instructions on how to accomplish it. 

  • Check the box that says “Projected Textures.”

  • Click “Okay.”


That’s it. As you can see, I normally play with all my settings cranked to 11, and you’d think that I’d be able to see all the ground effects that come into play during boss encounters. Wrong! The Projected Textures setting lights up runes (and other area effects, like Consecrate) on the ground like you’ve never seen them before. Checking that one box is the best strat I can give you for fights like Hodir when you need to be moving frequently and avoiding menacing blocks of falling ice. The guesswork, so to speak, is eliminated.

For those of you who have performance issues (you know, with your computer; I can’t help you with any other performance problems), checking this box will make things run slower. Try lowering your other video settings (i.e. view distance, ground clutter density, weather intensity, ground clutter radius, environment detail, shadow quality) and making sure that stuff like your Spell Effects remain high. The game might not look as rich or badass, but if it makes you a better raider, it’s the way to go.