My Immortal.

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Turn off the Evanescence, emo-kid.

What I didn’t mention earlier today was that the GM we’d been working with to take care of a few issues told us that she’d stop by tonight during our Immortal run and come wish us luck. As our raid moved from Spider Wing to Plague Wing to Military Wing to Construct Wing, our hopes of meeting our GM friend dwindled, as did the prospects of another two weeks of Immortal attempts. After Grobbulus, however, one of our intrepid raid leaders had us hold up before pressing onto Gluth. Surprise!

Our awesome GM buddy has the orange circle over her head.

GM Leayre, as she appeared in this incarnation, showed up to give us some much needed stress-relief and moral support—as a DRUID no less! She inquired as to who was leading on meters, how we’d set up our healing, and what we still had left to accomplish.

Clearly, she hadn’t seen our tremendous fail on Kel’thuzad the week prior. Before she said goodbye and we all moved on, GM Leayre had a few more surprises for us:

After running around festooned in Halloween costumes and rose petals (and a hopeful request from one particular Hunter who wanted her to summon Illidan), we thanked GM Leayre and tried to settle down from the rest of the run. If the normal Immortal pressure wasn’t enough, we had the added weight of a GM promising to celebrate with us if we actually came through. And presents! Fortunately, after a tense Kel’thuzad and some supremely epic healing, we snagged our titles (and many got their proto-drakes) and headed to the Gates of Ironforge, where Leayre had cryptically demanded we meet.

Fireworks! Congrats, East Coast Raiders—you earned it. And thanks again to GM Leayre for all her support! This was quite possibly one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in game to date, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in it with a fun, hardworking group of people.

Ulduar awaits!