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Posted in Raiding on Apr 13, 2009

Turn off the Evanescence, emo-kid.

What I didn’t mention earlier today was that the GM we’d been working with to take care of a few issues told us that she’d stop by tonight during our Immortal run and come wish us luck. As our raid moved from Spider Wing to Plague Wing to Military Wing to Construct Wing, our hopes of meeting our GM friend dwindled, as did the prospects of another two weeks of Immortal attempts. After Grobbulus, however, one of our intrepid raid leaders had us hold up before pressing onto Gluth. Surprise!

Our awesome GM buddy has the orange circle over her head.

GM Leayre, as she appeared in this incarnation, showed up to give us some much needed stress-relief and moral support—as a DRUID no less! She inquired as to who was leading on meters, how we’d set up our healing, and what we still had left to accomplish.

Clearly, she hadn’t seen our tremendous fail on Kel’thuzad the week prior. Before she said goodbye and we all moved on, GM Leayre had a few more surprises for us:

After running around festooned in Halloween costumes and rose petals (and a hopeful request from one particular Hunter who wanted her to summon Illidan), we thanked GM Leayre and tried to settle down from the rest of the run. If the normal Immortal pressure wasn’t enough, we had the added weight of a GM promising to celebrate with us if we actually came through. And presents! Fortunately, after a tense Kel’thuzad and some supremely epic healing, we snagged our titles (and many got their proto-drakes) and headed to the Gates of Ironforge, where Leayre had cryptically demanded we meet.

Fireworks! Congrats, East Coast Raiders—you earned it. And thanks again to GM Leayre for all her support! This was quite possibly one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in game to date, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in it with a fun, hardworking group of people.

Ulduar awaits!


  • At 2009.04.13 23:39, Fahrenheit said:

    HA. Good stuff. I can totally say, that’s a weight off our shoulders.

    • At 2009.04.13 23:50, Ariedan said:

      Crazy! Why doesn’t cool shit like this ever happen to me?

      Congrats on your title, though- we were always one boss away from it too. =/

      • At 2009.04.14 05:06, Runycat said:

        Yeah, talk about hitting it in the eleventh hour. Thank you, and best of luck with Ulduar!

      • At 2009.04.14 01:31, Kailora said:

        CONGRATS! And that’s fantastic that Leayre came to cheer you on. Looks like a blast /wink.

        • At 2009.04.14 05:06, Runycat said:

          Thanks! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a naked dance party with Illidan.

        • At 2009.04.14 02:06, Softi said:

          Gratz on the title!! :) I totally agree with Ariedan – stuff like that *never* happens to me hehe.

          Is it just me or have GM’s been becoming a little more open recently? Kinda nice :)

          • At 2009.04.14 05:07, Runycat said:

            I’ve honestly never seen anything like that, nor have I had any run-ins with GMs that lasted longer than “I suppose we’ll restore the shit you were dumb enough to delete by accident.”

          • At 2009.04.14 04:35, Jacemora said:

            Awesome! Gratz on your new title and Drake if you were trying. I don’t have 1 Northrend mount to my name since I choose to always use epic flight form and my loyalty to cats (Wintersaber Mount)

            • At 2009.04.14 05:09, Runycat said:

              Sadly, I didn’t get a proto-drake. If we had ended up with the extra week to two weeks before Ulduar hit, I could have popped off the last few achievements, but I essentially joined ECR after they had done the regular achievements and were focusing on Immortal.

              I do like mounts, though. I have that stupid Livestock mod that basically allows for a castrandom mounting macro that’ll pull up…well, you never know. The 7.5 armor looks particularly great with the Green and Yellow Mechanostriders.

            • At 2009.04.14 05:19, Laney said:

              Hooray! Those pictures are awesome. :)

              • At 2009.04.14 08:30, Runycat said:

                Glad you like! I took like eighty million screenshots.

              • At 2009.04.14 05:20, Bellwether said:

                Grats on your title, Runy, and your awesome GM fun. :)

                • At 2009.04.14 08:30, Runycat said:


                • At 2009.04.14 05:39, Mitch said:

                  Hahaha, very nice. And grats on your run.

                  • At 2009.04.29 05:02, Runycat said:

                    Thanks, yo.

                  • At 2009.04.14 07:43, Josham said:

                    HAHA good stuff, Congrats ECR job well done :)

                    • At 2009.04.14 08:31, Runycat said:

                      Everyone did a tremendous job. It was pretty cool.

                    • At 2009.04.14 07:58, amorob said:

                      Congratz on getting the title just before the 3.1 patch is released.

                      • At 2009.04.14 08:31, Runycat said:

                        Thanks. It was VERY last minute.

                      • At 2009.04.14 12:37, Naco said:

                        That is awesome! I’ve had a lot of wonderful encounters with GM’s but that, by far, beats any.

                        • At 2009.04.29 05:02, Runycat said:

                          It was pretty fucking cool, no joke.

                        • At 2009.04.14 14:24, Fahrenheit said:

                          >_> I want an avatar tooo..

                          • At 2009.04.15 08:12, Graylo said:

                            Big Congratz. The Immortal was the bane of my WoW existance for a couple of months so believe me, I know the stress.

                            • At 2009.04.29 05:02, Runycat said:

                              Yeah, it was such a relief when we got it over with. Of course, now we’re in Ulduar and stressed about that. GO FIGURE M I RITE?

                            • At 2009.04.16 08:03, Last Minute Cramming | Big Hit Box said:

                              [...] from @Runycat that a GM popped into her Naxx run. Talk about last minute cramming, check out this AWESOME story of their Immortal run. It’s a dramatic tale involving a bug and a visit from the GM that [...]

                              • At 2009.04.29 04:29, Terx said:

                                Just saw this now thanks to a link via wowinsider. But wanted to give y’all a big gratz from the SH Hordeside. That was truely an achievement to be done.

                                • At 2009.04.29 05:00, Runycat said:

                                  WoWInsider? That’s interesting. Thanks a lot, though. How is Silver Hand hordeside? I’m a transfer, so I have no idea what it’s like over there.

                                • At 2009.05.01 05:25, Mishiko said:

                                  I’d like to know just what the hell the GM helped you with. I was told by a GM that they aren’t allowed to mess with anything related to achievements at all.

                                  Can you give some real details, pleaes?

                                  • At 2009.05.01 05:40, Runycat said:

                                    The GM only reset a bugged boss encounter so that we could continue to proceed with the instance. The rest was sweet healing, no major DCs, and lucky RNG.

                                  • At 2009.05.13 15:43, Unbearably HoT | Cease and Desist said:

                                    [...] Chatterton), geek-culture references, regular responses to fan-questions and demands via forums, GM visits, Blizzcon—really, we WoW players are a pretty lucky (and simultaneously gullible) [...]

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