Azerothian Idol: Bears to Rock Out with New Idols?

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Any dedicated Bear has probably realized, by now, that all the new idols are relatively shitty for tanking. While Cats, Trees, and Bomb Owls have seen their favorite idols upgraded in some way, shape or form, we Bears are left with a curious mix of downgrades and TPS pieces. Fortunately, infamous blue Vaneras agrees:

A Bear tanking idol is indeed needed and we are therefore looking into getting one added to the game 🙂

He offered little else in the way of explanation save that we probably wouldn’t be seeing anything soon. Let’s quickly recap what we currently have available to us and what you should be carrying around in your bags.

  1. Idol of Terror: your Mangle ability has the chance to grant 65 AGI for 10 sec. This item is available through Badges of Justice. This level 70 favorite still tops out at the best overall tanking idol. The internal cooldown on this is ~10 seconds, so out of every 40 seconds, you’ve got nearly an 82% chance that it will have been up twice, giving you nearly 1% to crit, an extra 65 armor, and an extra 1.65% to dodge. We can all probably agree that 65 AGI isn’t quite what it used to be, but considering our other options, this baby still tops the list.
  2. Idol of the Plainstalker: your Mangle ability has the chance to grant 55 AGI for 10 sec. This item is a reward from a quest called “Get me outa here!” in the Borean Tundra. Totally lame. Essentially a watered down Idol of Terror, this is only worth holding onto if you don’t have the level 70 original.
  3. Idol of Perspicacious Attacks: Increases the damage done by your Maul ability by 120 and Swipe ability by 24. What’s great about this item, available to you for the low cost of 30 Venture Coins, is that the idol effect is on equip—no need to worry about proc rate. This idol is well worth picking up, even if you’re only going to be using it on trash. Threat generation should hardly be an issue these days, but a little extra never hurt anyone. Consider the amount of damage Maul does, currently, and how you’re doubling that if using the Glyph of Maul like every good little Bear should. Maul is also a massive threat dump right now and should be used whenever possible. Additionally, if you’re tanking trash, chances are very high that you’re AOE tanking using Swipe. In that situation, your biggest TPS boosting attacks are receiving a direct benefit from this idol. Keen.
  4. Idol of the Wastes: Your Shred and Swipe abilities have a chance to grant 61 STR for 10 seconds. This item is a reward from “My Old Enemy” out in Dragonblight. Reports say that the proc rate is 75%, and the actual AP benefit is approximately 137 (assuming Protector of the Pack). I’d say that this is an acceptable idol, but only for trash and only if you haven’t gotten over some kind of laziness and never managed to pick up the Idol of Perspicacious Attacks.
  5. Idol of the White Stag: Your Mangle ability also increases your attack power by 94 for 20 seconds. This item dropped off Supremus in Black Temple. While the AP buff will affect any of your attacks, your Mangle still needs to land, and if you’re AOE tanking a group of mobs, you’re probably going to be spamming Maul/Swipe rather than Mangle.

Essentially, I’d make sure that you have the Idol of Terror and the Idol of Perspicacious Attacks on you at all times. Just think about how easy it’ll be to pick up the Badges of Justice if you missed the Idol of Terror the first go around! As for the Venture Coins, I picked them up by doing all the PVP dailies out in Grizzly Hills. This is easy gear, folks. Keep your claws crossed and hope we see something else soon.