How I feel about 3.0.2? I’ll let you know when it works.

Posted in Rant on Oct 19, 2008


  • At 2008.10.19 22:15, Beathooven said:

    Yeah we lagged like crazy as well, especially since Aman’Thul was one of only several Oceanic servers working (so had mass influx of LevelOneAlts), so I installed the Bejeweled addon and Trick or Treated around Azeroth (mostly flight paths and riding, so that was ok). And my hunter main got stuck while zoning into Black Morass and I needed a GM to reset him.

    But then I came back from dinner, and logged in to find a 400+ queue. And this fixed the lag (after 20 minutes of browsing stuff), which enabled the top guild on our server (Ajantis) to down KJ.

    So hopefully your server will be ok soon, and you can call your mother while sitting in that queue: “yeah, well, Jimmy’s always been a bit odd like that… OMFG I’M FINALLY IN! Kthxbye”.

    • At 2008.10.21 07:02, Runycat said:

      Doomhammer has always had population/latency issues, at least, since I’ve been on there anyway. I’m willing to blame the issues on all the achievements (and the system trying to parse them), but clearly I really have no idea how that all works and can’t really hope to explain it.

      Essentially, the realm starts out fine at the beginning of the day, and by the time everyone gets home from work or school, it takes eight years just to pick something up from your mailbox. To be perfectly honest, I would have rather had Blizzard come right out and say that they needed to take the realms down for 5 days, and credit everyone for those five days. Would people bitch and moan? Sure. But then maybe they would have had more time to fix any stability issues.

      Clearly, the Bejeweled add-on is the best idea ever.

    • At 2008.10.20 05:38, Mitch said:

      Tuesday was mostly unplayable for everyone. Then my server (The Venture Co, along with the entire Nightfall bg) crashed during peak hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and I think Friday (wasn’t online for long). Last night it took forever to load up WSG and when I finally joined the score sheet said it was 8v12 O_O and I joined an AV that started with a severe disadvantage to the Alliance (something like 38-23).

      All kinds of screwy, but at least lately I’ve been able to do the Headless Horseman 30 times and not see anything of note drop.

      Good luck with your server -.-

      • At 2008.10.21 07:05, Runycat said:

        Everything has been a little messed up, but the latency issues have really hindered any kind of play recently. There was one night where we managed to go and clear Karazhan and ZA in about two hours (total), and then beyond that, we’ve been given all sorts of “Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found” errors any other time we try to do some sort of dungeon.

        As far as I’ve noticed, our battlegrounds have been working, but if you’re glitching and lagging all over the battlefield, there isn’t an awful lot to do except get yourself killed repeatedly.

        I haven’t seen anything but the rings drop off him either. Pretty disappointing, overall.

        Good luck with your realm.

      • At 2008.10.20 05:50, krizzlybear said:

        I’m in US Arygos, also part of the Nightfall battlegroup (i think?). We’re also experiencing server difficulties as well.

        • At 2008.10.21 07:06, Runycat said:

          Seems like the running theme. Hopefully Blizzard is able to ascertain the exact issue, if there is one, and fix it soon.

        • At 2008.10.21 02:16, Dalrec said:

          Im on doomhammer as well,was really psyched about the new patch and then DH killed me,i gave it 6-7 hours a night and it was just BAD….reminded me of 2004 when the realm was so unstable.10 minutes to loot,killed by invisibles,falling off boats…my list is long and sad.
          So i got my family guy boxset and started to rewatch them again and i pray for a patch/hotfix or just the hand of god to step in.

          • At 2008.10.21 07:08, Runycat said:

            I have a feeling that fixing the realms is more complex than we realize, otherwise it would have been done already (although with the kind of money Blizzard is making, you’d think they’d be a little quicker, right?). It’s not so bad if you can play during the day, but if you’re like (most) people and have a job or school to go to, you get home at the same time as everyone else and lag the server to shit.

            I have, however, gotten a lot of cleaning done and caught up on all the shows I haven’t really watched lately. I am admittedly addicted to Battlestar Galactica: 2003.

          • At 2008.10.21 08:40, Copey said:

            I’m sure it’s complicated, and older realms could be on older servers or some such thing. To give a different view point, I’ve had zero trouble on Dunemaul this last week since the patch. No lag, no ques, ran Kara, Gruuls, and Mag. Only problem I ran into is running back to Mag 4 times because people seem to not understand how to click a box when told to.

            Pretty sure that wasn’t server side problem though…

            • At 2008.10.23 13:04, Runycat said:

              I definitely think that the age of the servers could very well be a factor, especially since they seem to generate the greatest cacophony of bitching; however, I’m sure that the population of said realms is also contributing to the problems. Last night was the first night in awhile that we haven’t been stymied by the latency stupidity.

              As for your Mag problem, I’m pretty sure that’s a result of “personal malfunctions.”

            • At 2008.10.21 10:35, Jive said:

              Fortunately for the Vengeance battlegroup, the patch seemed to go OK for us. A few hiccups and emergency restarts but Kul Tiras and the battlegroup have seemed stable so far.

              I will think good sexytime no-lag thoughts, and send them Doomhammer’s way.

              • At 2008.10.23 13:06, Runycat said:

                Why thanks!

                Blizzard obviously managed to do something, because I was actually able to zone into an instance last night. Bonus!

              • At 2008.10.21 13:26, Stealthfire said:

                Thunderlord hasn’t been too laggy, but the instances have been going on and off. Thursday the ZA gong wouldn’t allow my group in, and Sunday we got a lot of “loading bar of death” and “instance not found” while trying to run kara.

                Apparently RAF levels were deleted, and are supposed to be refunded…though I’m afraid to check.

                • At 2008.10.23 13:07, Runycat said:

                  Oh jeez, I definitely didn’t even look at the RAF stuff, though I’m not too worried either. I basically experimented with it to see how it worked and then ultimately decided that paying for all that shit was absolutely ridiculous (right now).

                  And you’re right, even when we weren’t having the loot lag of doom, our instances were pretty much unavailable or lagged to shit. Last night was our first glimpse of stability since the patch.

                • At 2008.10.23 12:52, Josh said:

                  Runy, I need your help. Azeroth needs your help. I’ve informed BBB and Phae as well – I need to enlist the help of the druids in combatting the spreading plague of undeath. You can see my pleas to the paladin community on Maintankadin and the official forums.

                  As you druids revere life, this plague of undeath threatens all that you hold dear. Help me rally the troops under the Argent Dawn’s banner! Show your solidarity with those of us who represent the Silver Hand! DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES!

                  • At 2008.10.24 12:50, Abagoo said:

                    Well raiding is rather difficult. Example 1: A’lar fight, about half way through his second phase my whole raid Lagged out for about 30 secs. And in some miraculous turn of events we lived to down him. Which is totally nutz. But I feel your pain, because as we reach Kael the server shut down /cry. Hopefully as this season’s Holiday ends most server problems will be fixed.

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