Twisted Nether Blogcast Episode 18: Hybrid Hijinks

Posted in Blog on Sep 23, 2008

Phaelia (of Resto4Life infamy) and I were both asked to be guests on the Twisted Nether blogcast hosted by Breana and Fimlys—but separately. When we found out we could hook up like Voltron and unleash together, there was no stopping us. A certain amount of nerves always accompanies pressing a “Record” button, but we hope you’ll enjoy listening to us anyway.


  • At 2008.09.23 16:42, breana said:

    Roffle! OMG, I love that picture! It is full of win! Thank you for coming on the show Runy, you were fantastic and don’t be surprised if we ask you to come back sooner rather than later :)

    • At 2008.09.23 17:17, Runycat said:

      Thanks for having me! What’s funny is that I can’t even listen to the full show right now; I have limited internet connectivity at home and can only access a handful of sites. Oh well!

    • At 2008.09.24 17:02, Sydera said:

      Hi Runy! Loved the show–your personalities really played well off each other and it was a great interview.

      • At 2008.09.27 15:07, Runycat said:

        Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed!!

      • At 2008.10.06 19:25, Lauchis said:

        So like, I finally get around to downloading this podcast (apparently Twisted Nether has bad meanings to the Chinese govt. Go figure.), and listening to it while I was working the elliptical at the gym. It was pure win.

        =( I miss you guys.

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