Dread Lobster (A) (US-PVE) Now Recruiting Players for Makeouts and High Fives! Crushtaceans Unite!

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Tired of the personnel logistics involved in 25-man raiding? Anxious to fine tune your reflexes for a competitive 10-man environment in Wrath of the Lich King? Do you want to combat the pre-expansion ennui by establishing roots with experienced raiders? Unopposed to the idea of playing multiple characters to better suit a particular encounter? Have a healthy sense of humor? Enjoy politics and unnecessarily large words? Confused as to whether or not crustaceans are truly underwater insects or kings of the sea? Do you want an [Amani War Bear]? 

Shit, so does everyone. Get in line. But if you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, Dread Lobster might be for you! Dread Lobster seeks folks with a combination of raid experience and unique personalities to develop a synergistic group of players for Wrath of the Lich King.

Straight from our FAQ:

What exactly is Dread Lobster?

Dread Lobster is a Doomhammer (Alliance, US PVE) guild established to prepare its members for raiding progression in WotLK. Although many of us have experience in T6, including Sunwell Plateau, our focus is on positioning the guild for fast-paced 10-man progression in the upcoming expansion.

What activities does Dread Lobster currently host?

Dread Lobster does not currently run any regular raids, but when there is interest we occasionally run Kara or farm up another [Amani War Bear] with our friends. As summer comes to an end, we hope to expand our ranks and possibly our schedule as well, but the focus at present is on preparing alts, professions, stockpiling mats/wealth and researching Beta.

How will Dread Lobster be run once WotLK is released and raiding begins?

Our goal at Dread Lobster is to create a strong, competitive raiding corps capable of swift progression through 10 man content. To that end, standards of play and contribution will be high, but not unreasonable. All members will be expected to do their part in playing to the best of their abilities, constantly seeking to improve those abilities, and ensuring that they are always prepared for content. Members should be prepared to receive and offer constructive, informed criticism.

Dread Lobster’s raiding schedule will ultimately consist of no more than four scheduled nights of raiding (more or less 6 PM server time or later). Standards for attendance will be high, but not inflexible. We recognize that our members may have lives outside of the game and will strive to facilitate this while also ensuring that the commitments made to the guild are respected and honored when possible.

Loot will be handled with a rigid DKP system, though the exact nature has yet to be determined. It is our experience that the most important features of DKP are transparency, equity and consistency, all of which will be reflected in the system we ultimately adopt.

I love seafood! How do I join?

If all of this sounds marvy to you, please submit an application by following the instructions in the stickied Application Template. We’ll be in touch if our interest is piqued!

Get in on the action today and become part of the Dread Lobster foundation! Questions can be directed in game to Tomyris, on our forums to any of the officers, or right here to me (yes, I am an officer). 


Note that we are especially interested in dedicated healers. Apply today!