Sidebar Clutter: Polling for Your Input!

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While my next article is in the works, I’d just like to point out that I’ve added what will eventually be a rotating poll on my second sidebar. Rather than regularly interrupting posting by asking for commentary on blog improvements, I’ll just update the sidebar and ask for some easy one-click feedback.

As always, detailed suggestions are more than welcome as comments or sent privately through the Contact page. In the meantime, here are some great articles you should check out:

  • Kil’jaedan to 25%…Finally; Summer Woes for Everyone
    Although I wasn’t working on Kil’jaedan at the time, this really echoes some of my sentiments from a few months ago. Lume eloquently discusses the difficulties faced by any progression guild trying to push forward this time of year, and is only one of his many exceptionally well-written pieces.
  • Omen of Clarity
    Not one of Phaelia’s most recent articles, I still find that this is an incredibly helpful “preview” of what we could be expecting to see with the beta Omen of Clarity changes (and I’d meant to link it awhile ago).
  • What a Feral Wants from WotLK
    Kalon, from ThinkTank, offers a thorough discussion about the challenges Blizzard appears to be presenting to ferals in WotLK, and seems to have many of the same reservations about the “changes” that I do.
  • Spell Damage versus Spell Haste (for moonkin)
    News about the ever tricky “spell haste” and its actual usefulness for all the doomkin out there. I find this more and more interesting as the Balance changes for WotLK continually make more and more sense and the Feral Combat changes have me gritting my teeth. Trading claws for feathers? Not just yet.