5-7-5: Summer Haiku Contest!

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Haiku are Japanese poems, composed syllabically, that were often created and recited on the spot to record a moment in very simple words. In groups of people, they were also recited as opening verses to long chains of poems (haikai no renga) in a sort of who-can-trump-who game, fashionable largely during Japan’s Edo Period. Matou Basho is one of the infamous poets of that period, and many people have probably heard the familiar:

Zangarmarsh lily pads.

Old pond (furuike ya)
A frog jumps (kawazu tobikomu)
The sound of water (mizu no oto)

Traditionally, as Basho’s poem exemplifies above, a haiku often captured scenes in nature (and contained at least one “season” word—a reference to spring or perhaps a mention of turning leaves) or a single upswelling of emotion, but the form has corrupted itself so much these days that you can end up with something like this:

If you were not a
raging bitch—I probably
would have banged you hard.

I love haiku. I love short bursts of trying to find the perfect word to describe an entire feeling, which was obviously easier to do in Japanese than it is in English. Starting Sunday, June 1st and ending June 15th, Unbearably HoT will be accepting some “nature” themed haikus of your own to kick off the start of summer—and they’ve got to be druid related.

The Rules:

  1. No more than three submissions per individual. Make them good, yo, and please try to submit them all on the same form.
  2. Each haiku must be druid themed in some fashion. Can you reference whatever the hell else you want? Absolutely.
  3. Please spellcheck.
  4. Each haiku must follow the traditional format of 5 syllables per line 1, 7 syllables per line 2 and another 5 syllables for line 3.
  5. You must leave a valid e-mail address, player name and realm to be considered. Be aware that if you win and you’d like the prize, you’ll also have to drop your address.

How to Submit:

It’s not hard! Go to the Contact page. Use Summer Contest as the subject line, fill out the pertinent information as detailed in “The Rules”, and type your haikus into the “Your Message” box. Additionally, make sure you check off the “I allow the contents of this message to be disclosed” box.

What you Win:

The top five haiku will be published on Unbearably HoT along with your name and realm—if they’re especially awesome, I might throw up a few more. The best haiku will receive a surprise Gift Card and a sweet banner to throw up as a forum sig.

As a final note, remember that by checking the disclosure box on the Contact page, you relinquish some rights to your work and allow it to be published on www.unbearably.net. In the event that you would like your entry removed from the site, however, contact me and it will be removed immediately. While I’d love to feature it, your intellectual property ultimately belongs to you, and your wishes will be respected.

Rustle some leaves, stir some paws and start writing! I totally look forward to reading some clever wordsmithing.


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    • At 2008.06.02 17:06, Sydera said:

      Hi there, I just tried to submit a haiku, and the contact page is bringing up an error.

      • At 2008.06.02 17:07, Sydera said:

        Sorry for the repeat comments, but the “contact” button at the top of the blog is working just fine, while the link in the post is not.

        • At 2008.06.03 04:49, Runycat said:

          Hey, it’s no problem. I’ve been having some issues with links not functioning properly lately, so I appreciate you telling me this. They should all be fixed! Thanks again.

          • [...] Focusing on progression is admittedly tiresome. As long as you keep farming, keep pushing and make measurable headway on new content, you can let yourself get sucked into the whole process without feeling too strained. Unfortunately, everyone stumbles. It’s been a long time since I felt considerably frustrated on any particular raid-boss and had to resign myself to the fact that this could take…awhile. Not since C’thun. Sunwell can be particularly unforgiving about making mistakes. Screwing up a portal rotation or standing too close to someone else when one spawns can spell disaster. Losing any particular player on Brutallus might mean you’re too short on damage or healing and won’t make the enrage. Failing to Mass Dispel or run away from an Encapsulate victim during the Felmyst encounter…you get the idea. But they’re still easy in comparison to the challenge the Eredar Twins has presented. Does it help we’re running with too much melee and too few healers? No, not at all. I even had the remarkably unpleasant experience of respeccing Resto the other night for a gangbang wipefest on the Twins. I haven’t been resto since before 2.4 and found things working…a little differently than I remembered. That, coupled with gear that was suddenly sub-par, woefully unenchanted and ungemmed, made for a teeth grindingly good time. And by good time, I mean I went to bed in a dour mood with a massive headache. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for learning, but when we’re running with spur-of-the-moment healers and trying to make progress, it’s hard to expect much. So we’re cockblocked, well and truly. While we at one point had eight million and twelve mages and warlocks, we now have too-few casters and flurry of assorted melee. The casters are being Shadow Furied into oblivion, piss-poor reaction times to the Conflagration debuff wipe us in seconds and no one seems to be watching their threat at all. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think anyone’s paying attention. I’m sick of everyone discussing the fucking hockey playoffs when everyone is trying to focus, and thus I’m going to pretend that they’re not trying hard enough rather than assume everyone is mentally retarded. The best I can do is fine-tune my own approach and attitude, and hope that sets some sort of example. HAHAHAHAHA. But right now, it seems like Conflagration is reliably targeting whoever is third on aggro, so we’re hotfixing our approach by using three tanks on Sacrolash as an attempt to control the burn (so to speak). I anticipate better attempts tonight. Since I’m not tanking as of yet on that encounter and (let’s be honest) a rogue or fury warrior better fills my DPS role, I’ll probably be sitting for awhile or going back to healing until we can muscle our way though the tough spots. The catch? I’ll probably be healing on my badge-pimped paladin, Dorkasaurus. Thus, in the near future, I might be scooping up T6 epics that’d otherwise be sharded for the millionth time in BT and Hyjal and switching back and forth between the healer and tank perspective. In the meantime, I’m busily rearranging and resocketing my various sets of tank gear for maximum soak, dodge and threat generation (fashion show coming soon to a theater near you) and starting to rework my UI for a more efficient healing set up (because healing with Perfect Raid was a nightmare), and any and all suggestions are welcome—I’m even thinking of trying out the Grid/Clique combo. That’s all I’ve got right now—I’m preoccupied by those Eredar ho’s and our current inability to coordinate well enough to kill them. And remember: Don’t forget to check out the 5-7-5 Haiku Contest! [...]

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