2.4: Retaking the Isle of Quel’danas, Daily Quests Part 1

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It’s admittedly hard to stay focused on writing when new content emerges and I’m falling all over myself to try everything out. Naturally, I have a never ending list of things I’d like to write about, and before the Sticky-Notes take over my desk, I thought I should get down to it.


Initially I wasn’t thrilled about 2.4, and even now my furor has dwindled after completing every daily quest on three seventies and chain-running Magister’s Terrace for Shattered Sun Offensive reputation. What keeps me doing all this repetitive bullshit is the notion, however obscure, that I am contributing to an effort. As most folks reading this probably know, completing quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive gradually takes over the Isle and unlocks (surprise) more dailies, portals from Shattrath to the island and, eventually, the Armory, which will allow for repairs and the many-fabled Badge Vendor. If you’d like to keep track of how your particular realm is doing as compared to others, check out the Sunwell Event Progression page. I’m proud to announce that Doomhammer’s been the source of much frenzied activity and is likely getting things done because of A) our high population B) everyone really wants the tabard available at Exalted and C) the fact that we’re not a PvP realm. We’re currently attempting Phase 2 (which unlocks the second set of dailies) and, as I write, 35% done opening the portal in Shattrath.


That being said, the new daily quests are an excuse for Blizzard to laugh at us while we frantically scramble around the entire world lamenting the fact that we haven’t yet bought epic mounts for all our toons. I’ve attempted to compile a strategy for getting them done in the most efficient way possible, and while you may have found a way that works better for you, this is what’s worked for me.


Note that I assume:

  1. You have an epic mount. This same strategy can be followed without one, but it will take you a lot longer.
  2. Your realm is on Phase 2 of the Sunwell Event.
  3. You’re either an herbalist or a miner (as that’s what I have on my toons).
  4. You’ve already talked to the folks on the Isle of Quel’danas, activating the quests at the Throne of Kil’jaedan.
  5. You’re damage specced. I’ve done this all on my holy paladin wearing Retribution gear, but WOW does it take a long time.

Step 1: Start in Shattrath City and Pick up Quests

Make sure you pick up 1) Intercepting the Mana Cells 2) The Multiphase Survey 3) Gaining the Advantage and 4) Sunfury Attack Plans.

The best part is that we’re not even doing these quests first. You just need to have them (or else). Note that Gaining the Advantage will be gradually completed as you fly from zone to zone; by utilizing your specific tradeskill (aka enforced farming), you’ll end up picking flowers or mining ore that contains Nether Residue. Gather 8 and you’re good to go! Unfortunately, I’ve definitely gone through my entire route without picking up all eight and it seems to just be luck. That quest may require a little additional farming. The bonus? You’re getting a stack of herbs or ore or leather that you didn’t have and might not have farmed before. Cash, M I RITE?


Step 2: Aggroing Doomlord Kazzak

NPC Location

So as you’re intermittently farming like a good little toon, steer your bird (or dragon or toothed flying carpet or whatever) to Hellfire Peninsula. You’ll be heading to the Throne of Kil’jaedan to complete two quests from Magistrix Seyla: 1) Blood for Blood and 2) Blast the Gateway.



Both of these quests can be completed simultaneously; use your Sizzling Embers to summon a little flame to your side. TIP: Whenever anyone kills an Incandescent Fel Spark and you’re in range, you’ll get credit for it. Most people just stand around and help kill them, regardless of whether or not you get credit, and it goes pretty quickly. The benefits of tapping one yourself is that you’ll get some useless greys to vendor and the occasional Mote of Fire. When your Sizzling Ember metamorphoses into a giant, unstable ball of green flames, you’re ready to rock out. Before you drag the Unstable Sizzling Embers through the Fel Gateway in front of Seyla, start killing Wrath Heralds. Wrath Heralds drop Demon Blood, a reagent for Blood for Blood, and go down very quickly considering you only need four of them. The Demon Blood is used in conjunction with the Fel Siphon obtained from Seyla; target one of the Felblood Initiates (OMG ELITE! RUN AWAY IF YOU DON’T HAVE DEMON BLOOD!) and use the Fel Siphon. The Siphon “drains their fel energy” and renders them weak and useless.


Kill four and you can turn in both quests for makeouts, gold, Shattered Sun Supplies (containing useless greens and occasionally a Badge of Justice) and Sunfury Signets or Marks of Sargeras (take your pick!).

Cons: These quests are especially awesome when Doomlord Kazzak is up and folks aggro him repeatedly by trying to pick an herb node that’s a little too close. If and when that happens, run like hell and hope you’ll only get shadowbolted a few times—generally speaking, making your fast ass back to Seyla will take you out of combat as he resets.

Pros: If nothing else you get to enjoy such gems as “THE UNIVERSE WILL BE REMADE!” and “THE LEGION WILL CONQUER ALL!”

Step 3: The Twisting Nether (ohmy)

After completing the quests in Hellfire, mount up and fly due North through the Twisting Nether. If you don’t hit Auto Run and go afk, you should end up at Manaforge Coruu relatively quickly. Here, you’ll be killing any random Sunfury Blood Elf you see in hopes that he’ll drop the Sunfury Attack Plans. To be a jerk and to get things done quickly, I rounded up as many as I could in Dire Bear form and Swiped them all to death with minimal damage taken.

Pros: Sometimes you get these on your first drop. Additionally, you have the possibility of getting Arcane Tomes, Sunfury Signets, greens, silver and cloth.

Cons: Sometimes it takes 20+ kills to obtain the plans, and sometimes the zone is farmed out. Additionally, restoration specced druids may have a harder time rounding up large group of blood elves to speed things up.

Step 4: Stealing from Spell Thieves

Hop back on your mount and fly Northwest to Bash’ir Landing. For anyone who’s done Ogri’la dailies or farmed the flasks for Gruul’s Lair, you’ll remember this particular part of Blade’s Edge Mountains. Intercepting the Mana Cells is, arguably, the most frustrating of all the daily quests. While I hopelessly tried to kill all eight million mana wyrms that an undead rogue trained into my holy paladin’s consecrate, I sneered and swore and banged the desk as he proceeded to ninja my energon cubes. Meanwhile, I ran out of mana, died and ran back only to discover that I’d have to kill ethereals all over again to procure a phasing device.

Here, I’d like to direct you to Phaelia’s take on the quest: Daily Quest: Intercepting the Mana Cells.

Destroying mana wyrms was far easier on my druid and I didn’t have many problems with lameass rogues. In fact, Intercepting the Mana Cells is one of the more inventive daily quests. Our toons get to “phase out” of the real world and lope through a Gaussian blur landscape of shadows in search of sparkling cubes hidden from ordinary view. For anyone who’s attempted Kalecgos, the view is almost identical to the Demon World in which the half-human/half-night elf Kalecgos fights the demon who’s possessing him.

Pros: Refreshing twist on an old collect-a-quest theme. Mana Wyrms also have a high Mote of Mana drop rate.

Cons: Endlessly frustrating if there are a lot of people questing in the same area. Be ruthless if people start ninjaing your cubes.

Step 5: Drop it Like it’s Halaa

The final stop in Outlands before you head back to the Old World is in Nagrand for The Multiphase Survey. Zip down from Blade’s Edge and head to Oshu’gun, the place where all the ethereals and voidwalkers chill out. Once you get there, strap on your Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles, wait for the on-use cooldown, and scan the area for massive whirls of flame.

Druid’s instant-cast Swift Flight Form rocks particularly hard, here. There are generally enough roving flames that you don’t have to fight with others to get them. Hover over the flame you want, drop down, use your goggles, and then take off for the next one. I recommend scouting around the Southern portion of Oshu’gun since there are usually fewer people around there. If you’re picky, you probably won’t even have to fight any mobs.

Pros: You only need to take “readings” from six of the flaming distortions, and that’s it. Additionally, if you do need to kill any mobs, the ethereals drop cloth, silver, Oshu’gun Crystal Fragments and Oshu’gun Crystal Powder. The roving Voidwalkers also drop Motes of Shadow.

Cons: If you don’t have an epic mount, there will probably be other questers who will beat you do the anomalies. Additionally, don’t put on the goggles UNTIL you get to Nagrand; if you put them on beforehand, you won’t be able to see any of the distortions. Oh, and don’t run into Durn.

Fly back to Shattrath, turn in all of your quests, empty your bags out at the bank, repair if necessary, and get ready to take the portal to Ironforge.

Check back in for Part 2!