Nice wood!

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I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, as Phaelia already summed it up, but since I’m feral again, I couldn’t help getting ridiculously excited. In my first “real post”, I mentioned the druid Dire Bear form as a monstrosity who hasn’t changed since Level 10; fortunately, I’m not the only person who feels that way. Andriges has reskinned each of the druid’s forms (with careful and exquisite details paid to the Tauren models especially) and put them together in a convenient .RAR file for anyone who’s interested in re-modeling their furry friends. I highly recommend you go take a look at them if you haven’t; besides adding fun glow effects, more distinctive tribal markings and making the colors more uniform and appropriate, he’s added “alternative” models for the existing forms. Am I interested in using a worgen form instead of my sleek and sexy feline? No—but being able to attack upright and with a weapon seems like an interesting idea. Similarly, while I’m equally excited about the new cheetah skin (complete with stirrups, it looks), I’m also a little in love with his Stag being used in place of travel form.

Andriges has not only managed to simply reskin and resynchronize each of these particular forms, but he’s created a new transformation animation as well–something akin to a Rejuvenation spell topped with a periodic Lifebloom tick. You can see this new animation, as well as the new application of Faerie Fire (which hits with an explosive green bang) in the video he created on the site I linked above.

Because of the total cool factor (and stupid grin that materializes on my face), I’ve decided to use his fabulous new skins he’s created in all my little cartoon images that feature animal forms from now on. Give the man credit where he’s due, folks—I find it amazing that one person could make all those changes and an entire design staff at Blizzard hasn’t. Then again, we’re talking about the company who reskinned Pre-BC armor for dungeons in The Burning Crusade rather than creating something new and different. Go figure.